Hossfeld Goes For It And Gets It In Shangri-La II's ROC'n Concrete Rumble

RocNRumbleChuck Hossfeld won Sunday's 75-lap ROC'n Concrete Rumble Race of Champions Modified Tour race at Shangri-La II Motor Speedway by employing the philosophy of a legendary car owner who told his driver, "Bring me a trophy or bring me a basket of parts. Don't bring me any excuses." In other words, he went for the win and didn't worry about the consequences. His boldness brought him that win, to the delight of the largest crowd in the track's two years of operation.

Hossfeld, who started sixth in the 28-car field, used the outside groove to move into second behind pole starter Pete Brittain on the fifth lap. For 60 circuits around the concrete half-mile he dogged Brittain, often trying the high road, but nothing worked. Brittain held his ground and seemed unshakable.

lt;p>Hossfeld saw his chance on a restart with 13 laps remaining. "I watched him on those restarts and I saw his first three or four laps weren't his best. I knew I had to get him then," he related in victory lane. As the leaders completed lap 64, Hossfeld drove deeper to the bottom of turn one than he or anyone else had dared to do all day, pulled alongside Brittain, and came away with the lead down the back straight. Despite a final caution with seven laps remaining, Hossfeld held on for the win with a swarm of challengers right behind.

Wilbur Hebing worked around Brittain as the white flag was shown to take second and Daren Scherer edged Brittain at the checker for third. Erick Rudolph was on the move in the closing laps to take fifth. Earl Paules, Kyle Ebersole, Steven Reed, Andy Walko, anmd Mike Leaty filled the balance of the top ten.

Tire wear was never a factor on the sunny, breezy afternoon as all the top ten went the distance on one set of Hoosiers. Late pit stops for other reasons dropped Jan Leaty, winner of the last RoC race at the original Shangri-La Speedway in 2005, and two-time defending RoC Series champion Matt Hirschman from contention.

In other action, Jimmy Zacharias debuted his ASA Late Model and led until he pulled to the pits just before half distance. Travis Fisher took over from there to score the win ahead of Jim Lamoreaux, Scott Nurmi, Jerry Dineen, and Chris Zacharias.

Tony Hanbury stayed undefeated at Shangri-La II in 2010 by leading every lap of the Sportsman Modified feature while Dan Kurzejewski nipped Jimmy Zacharias for second. Rookie Brian Sherwood had another strong run, passing Russ Brown for fourth in the closing laps.

Defending track champion Chad McDonald was completely unchallenged oin the Street Stock main event as Lee Sharpsteen and opening day winner Cricket Clonch trailed.

The INEX Legends' first appearance of the year saw Mike Alcaro and Daren Scherer trade the lead until they tangled, setting up a one-lap shootout. Mark Tischler edged Richie Vanderpool by such a slim margin that both pulled into victory lane.  Vanderpool had the last laugh, however, as Tischler's fuel was found outside INEX rulebook limits and he was disqualified. Chris Young was elevated to second and Beth Scherer to third.

Next week racing at Shangri-La II returns to Saturday afternoon with Modifieds, ASA Late Models, Sportsman Modifieds, and Street Stocks in action.


Race Of Champions
Modified Tour
75 Laps

ASA Late Models
25 Laps


Hirschman, Rudolph, Brittain, Paules

Lap Leaders:
Brittain 1-64, Hossfeld 65-75


J. Zacharias, Fisher

Lap Leaders:
J. Zacharias 1-8, Fisher 9-25

1. Chuck Hossfeld
2. Wilbur Hebing
3. Daren Scherer
4. Pete Brittain
5. Erick Rudolph
6. Earl Paules
7. Kyle Ebersole
8. Steve Reed
9. Andy Walko
10. Mike Leaty
11. Billy Putney
12. Rick Kluth
13. Bryon Chew
14. Mike Speeney
15. TJ Potrezebowski
16. Rusty Smith
17. Matt Hirschman
18. Jan Leaty
19. Scott Conover
20. Zack Shove
21. Doug Reaume
22. Brian Defebo
23. Jim Storace
24. Bob Reis
25. John Markovic
26. Lenny Fischer
27. Tommy Cloce
28. Matt Clemens
DNS - Ken Canestrari, Chris Risdale
1. Travis Fisher
2. Jim Lamoreaux
3. Scott Nurmi
4. Jerry Dineen
5. Chris Zacharias
6. Dave Beyer
7. Dan Bellinger
8. Jimmy Zacharias
9. Tommy Cloce
10. Joe Beretta
11. Ben Reynolds

Sportsman Modifieds
25 laps
INEX Legends
15 laps


Hanbury, Brown

Lap Leaders:
Hanbury 1-25


D. Scherer, Vanderpool

Lap Leaders:
Alcaro 1-11, Scherer 12-14
Tischler 15 (disqualified - fuel)


1. Tony Hanbury
2. Dan Kurzejewski
3. Jimmy Zacharias
4. Brian Sherwood
5. Russ Brown
6. JR Kent
7. John Markovic
8. Tom Shiner
9. Mike Speeney
10. Dave Jackson
11. Glenn Lippolis
12. Vern Johnson
13. Justin Shiner
14. Matt Clemens
15. TJ Zachsrias

1. Richie Vanderpool
2. Chris Young
3. Beth Scherer
4. Mike Alcaro
5. Matt Price
6. Corey Mosher
7. Daren Scherer
8. Raven Shrantz
9. Barry Shrantz
10. John Bacon
DQ: Mark Tischler

Street Stocks
15 laps



Lap Leaders:
McDonald 1-15


1. Chad McDonald
2. Lee Sharpsteen
3. Cricket Clonch
4. Gil Sharpsteen
5. Scott Reagan
6. Tom Cundy
7. Billy Coyle
8. Makayla Rypkema
DNS - Jim Potrzebowski