Back to the Basics at Shangri-La II in 2011

  • sl2_modsModifieds will headline major events
  • Sportman Modifieds, ASA Late Models lead Saturday night card
  • New sport truck division to debut

It's back to basics for Shangri-La II Motor Speedway in 2011 as the Concrete Castle's weekly Saturday night shows will feature the Sportsman Modifieds and ASA Late Models as co-feature divisions.

Anticipated growth in the Street Stock division will make Saturday night at Shangri-La II closely resemble the best days of the track after which it is named. In the mid-1970's, one premier open wheel class, one premier full-body class, and the street stocks delighted packed houses every weekend at the original Shangri-La.

"We've looked closely at the direction paved track racing is taking all around us," said track manager Amy Stilson. "Modifieds have become a class for big events, and we will give them that showcase at our two Race of Champions Series events and at the Fall Brawl in October. With three touring series in the northeast, there are plenty of opportunities for our modified competitors to race.

"We need to present a more cost-effective show every week for the track, the racers, and the fans. The other paved tracks in New York have made that decision, and so have premier speedways like Stafford and Thompson in Connecticut and Wall Stadium in New Jersey," Stilson continued. "Already many of our regulars compete in both divisions, including 2010's double track champion Jimmy Zacharias, so the fans will see their favorites in closer competition against a bigger field of cars under the new format."

"Finally, we will have more resources to help grow the ASA Late Model class, which is a personal project of track owner George Swansbrough," Stilson concluded.

During the 2011 season, Shangri-La II plans to introduce an economical four-cylinder sport truck class to attract new competitors to the Concrete Castle. Plans are still in the formative stages, but intentions are to have the class up and running as soon as possible.

The first of the Race of Champions events, the Return of the ROC'n Concrete Rumble, will open the third season of Shangri-La II Motor Speedway on Sunday afternoon, May 15. In addition to the 100-lap modified showdown, the other track classes will be in action and the $1,000 50/50 jackpot that was unclaimed at last year's Race of Champions event will form the seed money for the new 50/50.

For more information, call 607-330-2622.