2011 Shangri-La II Truck Series Rules Have Been Updated

PLEASE NOTE: Shangri-La II Truck Rules have been updated as of 5/4/11.   Click here to view.  After reviewing the feedback from the racing community, especially from pre-registered and potential entrants, Shangri- La II Motor Speedway has decided to follow the Empire Sport Truck (EST) series rulebook for the entry level class being started at the track in 2011.   The Rules below have been updated to the EST series rules and are also available on the EST Series website at www.empiresporttrucks.com.  Shangri-La II also remains interested in developing a six-cylinder truck class and wants to hear from racers who would support this type of class.

As a result of the these late rule changes, we are offering a FREE Track License and FREE Pit Driver Pit Entry for the season for anyone that is already pre-registered or wants register and race weekly in the 4cyl or 6cyl classes at Shangri-La II.

For those wishing to build and run a truck please pre-register your name and truck number by calling the track office at 607-330-2622 or by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Once 10 or more trucks have been registered, the truck series will be added to the weekly schedule, until then only a limited schedule will be posted.

Standardized trucks conforming to Shangri-La II rules are currently being built by the Speedway. For those wishing to lease a truck for the season or purchase a truck, please contact the speedway for more information.