Zacharias, Hirschman Score Big at Fall Brawl 4 Finale

Fall Brawl 4

September 22-23 - The 4th edition of "The Fall Brawl" closed out the 2012 racing season at the ASA member track, Shangri-La II Motorspeedway in Tioga Center, N.Y. The Fall Brawl is normally a two day program which features all of the divisions who have supported the track all season long, plus some invited classes that do not have the opportunity to race the high banks of the "Concrete Castle" on a regular basis.

The teams were in the pits on Saturday night, hotlaps were run and the drivers meeting nearly completed when the first round of showers hit the track. Drying efforts would take place, but a second round of showers hit. Two more rounds of track drying were attempted until the fourth round of showers made racing on Saturday night impossible. The decision was made to run the Saturday program on Sunday morning. Then clear the track and bring in the Sunday show. The Street Stocks ran the first feature of the Fall Brawl with J.R. Swansborough coming across the finish line first, only to be disqualified in post-race technical inspection. Charlie Sharpsteen, driving the car his brother, Gil drove in 2012 was awarded the win. Twenty Four Sportsman were on hand for the seventy five lap feature, and Jimmy Zacharias held off John Wilber and Tony Hanbury for the win – his ninth of the season. Mike Alcaro was the dominant one in Legends Car competition. Alcaro, the 2010 Legends Car Track Champion, won by a straightaway over his team car driven by Jimmy Zacharias. The Street Stock Silver Dollar race was won by Glenn Lippolis, driving the car normally driven by Chris Zacharias.

Following the Victory Lane photos, the haulers for the Sunday program were brought into the track. Once in, they staged on the backstretch and the haulers from the Saturday program left. The grandstands and pits were cleared, wristbands checked and everyone re-admitted for the second program. Hotlaps were underway when Mother Nature graced everyone with another shower. Hotlaps resumed following the brief interruption and with the RoC Modified heats starting off the program. The RoC Modified feature is one that will be talked about for a long time to come as Jimmy Zacharias held off some very stout competitors for his first ever RoC Pavement Modified Tour win, narrowly defeating Erick Rudolph and Chuck Hossfeld. Matt Hirschman finished fourth and claimed the RoC Pavement Modified Series Championship for 2012.

Jim Lamoreaux crossed the line first in the Late Model feature, but was assessed a one spot penalty late in the race for passing too low in turn one, therefore handing the win over to Glenn Lippolis. It was the first Shangri-La II Late Model win for Lippolis and his car owner, Al Slavick. The Pudgies Pizza Four Cylinder Stocks closed out the program and the 2012 season at Shangri-La II. Jason Brigham was the overall winner in the class, and the winner in the Front Wheel Drive cars. Scott Shafer was the first Rear Wheel Drive across the stripe and Randy Mooney was the first Four Cylinder Truck to the checkers.

Fall Brawl Street Stock Winner

Twenty Nine Street Stocks were on hand for the fifty lap feature. Eight cautions plagued the event. Chris Zacharias and Bill Frisbee, Jr paced the field to the green. Zacharias would stay out front as the first five cautions flew before lap eleven. One wreck had everyone holding their breath a seven car incident happened when several drivers got together. Dennis Beardsley, Robert Fink and John Lane slid together off turn four with the rear of the Beardsley car tearing the left side sheetmetal off the Fink 78. Fink was uninjured, but his racing night was over. J.R. Swansborough took over the lead on lap thirty six and held off the challenges from Charlie Sharpsteen and Zacharias. Zacharias and Sharpsteen could not mount enough of a charge to de-throne Swansborough. Once the final checkers flew, Swansborough crossed the line first, but his car failed post-race technical inspection, so Sharpsteen was awarded his first feature win here – this season. Zacharias was a close second; Howie Cook, Jr was third with Jeff Goodwin and Jason Duke, Sr completing the top five. Over Four Thousand dollars in bonus lap money was distributed throughout the Street Stock field. The money collection was spearheaded by Greg Covell of Greg's Auto Sales. The bonus money was greatly appreciated by all of the competitors.

Fall Brawl Sportsman Winner

Seventy Five laps of Sportsman racing went by seven cautions filling out the feature. Nick Pecko and Dylan Terry led the field to the green flag. Tyler Rypkema quickly went to the front and until he was turned by Dan Kurzekewski. John Wilber took over the lead and stayed out front, fending off the challenged of Jimmy Zacharias and Tony Hanbury. Jimmy Zacharias pressured Wilber until he could grab the lead on a restart following the caution on lap thirty eight when odd Geist spun in turn three. Wilber gave chase to Zacharias, and was fending off relentless pressure from Hanbury and T.J.Zacharias. At the checkers, Jimmy Zacharias claimed his ninth Sportsman win of the season. John Wilber finished second for the eighth time this year. Hanbury was third, T.J. Zacharias was fourth and Nick Pecko completed the top five.

Fall Brawl Legends Winner

Eight Legends cars were on hand for the event which saw Mike Alcaro win his seventh Shangri-La II feature followed closely by Jimmy Zacharias driving the team car to Alcaro. Brett Coon was third, Lee Sharpsteen was fourth and Gary Ham completed the top five.

Fall Brawl Silver Dollar Winner

Sixteen Street Stocks returned to the track for the "Silver Dollar "race. This race was for Shangri-La II regulars who finished outside the top five in the points, and the winner was paid with 300 Silver Dollars. Bob Ripley would lead early, driving the Jeff Goodwin owned ride. Goodwin loaned Ripley the car after Ripleys was heavily damaged in the Street Stock feature. Ripley would be overtaken by J.R. Swansborough on lap four. Glenn Lippolis, driving the Brian Nalepa owned car normally piloted by Chris Zacharias would take the top spot on lap nine of fifteen and hold off all challengers to claim the win in the "Winner Takes All" special event.

Fall Brawl RoC Modified Winner

The one hundred lap Race of Champions Modified feature was one of the most exciting races ever to be held at the track. Tommy Cloce and Billy Putney led the field to the green flag. Cloce held the lead while Daren Scherer and Bobby Holmes put on the challenges by lap twenty. The first of four cautions came out when Brian DeFebo broke inn turn three on lap thirty two. Several teams pitted for fresh rubber including Erick Rudolph and Billy Putney. Rudolph would become a factor later in the race. Matt Hirschman and Kyle Ebersole, the combatants for the title ran with each other back in ninth and tenth place. Hossfeld and Rudolph were back in thirteenth and fourteenth when the second caution flew for Austin Koshenash as he came to a stop on the backstretch. Jimmy Zacharias remained the man to beat, but was penalized two spots for utilizing a team car to block when he took the lead. When racing resumed, Bobby Holmes took the and was pulling away from the field until he broke while leading, and landing in the foam blocks in turn one on lap sixty one. Jimmy Zacharias re-assumed the lead on the restart with Chuck Hossfeld, Daren Scherer and Erick Rudolph in tow. Rudolph would bypass Scherer on lap sixty eight and then got by Hossfeld on lap sixty nine. The final caution flew in lap seventy one when Dean Rypkema and Tommy Cloce would spin coming out of turn two. Zacharias retook the top spot and fended off constant pressure by Rudolph and Hossfeld down the stretch run. Jimmy Zacharias finally got his first Race of Champions win in a close finish with Rudolph and Hossfeld finishing second and third. Matt Hirschman was considering getting into the mix for the win, but settled on the bigger picture, and finished fourth; clinching his fifth Race of Champions Pavement Modified Series title. Andy Walko ran all six modified event at Shangri-La II in 2012, and finished fifth in the season finale.

Fall Brawl Late Model Winner

The forty lap Late Model race had eight cars, and a trio of very hard chargers at the front of the field. Jim Lamoreaux and Scott Nurmi led the group to the green flag with Lamoreaux showing the way. Jerry Dineen and Bill Matuszczak got together in turn two on lap thirteen. Dineen spun, making heavy contact with the yuke tire protecting the light pole. Dineen then continued back up across the track impacting the outside wall. The last two cautions (lap 25 and 36) were caused by Scott Nurmi as he got into the rear of the Lamoreaux car. Lamoreaux would thunder past Glenn Lippolis on the final restart, but was penalized one spot for passing too low in turn one. Lamoreaux crossed the line first, but the checkers flew over Glenn Lippolis who tasted Late Model victory for the first time in many years. Lamoreaux finished second following the penalty. Nurmi was third with Mike Scorzelli finishing fourth and Dan Bellinger crossing the line fifth in a Jerry Dineen built car.

Fall Brawl 4 Cylinder Winner

The Pudgies Pizza Four Cylinder Socks completed the program and the season at Shangri-La II. Jason Brigham was the overall winner in the twenty lap feature over Andre Roggie and Peter Verwys. Scott Shafer was the first rear wheel drive across the line and Randy was the first Four Cylinder Truck to finish. There were four Trucks in the field.

Next up for Shangri-La II after some much needed rest id the annual Awards Banquet to be held on November 14th. Please keep an eye on the track website for details.

RoC Modified Finish (100 Laps):
1) Jimmy Zacharias, 2) Erick Rudolph, 3) Chuck Hossfeld, 4) Matt Hirschman, 5) Andy Walko, 6). Daren Scherer, 7) T.J. Potrzebowski, 8) Kyle Ebersole, 9) Rusty Smith, 10) Billy Putney, 11) John Markovic, 12) Nick Barzee, 13) Matt Wentz, 14) Dan Kurzejewski, 15) Brandon Oltra, 16) J.R. Kent, 17) Todd Geist, 18) Tommy Cloce, 19) Dean Rypkema, 20) Bobby Osgood, 21) Austin Kochenash, 22) Brian DeFebo, 23) T.J. Zacharias, 24) Ken Canestrari, 25) Tom Zacharias
DNS: Chris Clemens, Matt Clemens, Patrick Emerling, Kim Storace, John Ramsey
Heat Winners: Erick Rudolph, Matt Hirschman, Chuck Hossfeld

2012 Race of Champions Pavement Modified Tour Champion: Matt Hirschman

Sportsman Finish (75 Laps):
1) Jimmy Zacharias, 2) John Wilber, 3) Tony Hanbury, 4) T.J. Zacharias, 5) Nick Pecko, 6) Bobby Osgood, 7) Mike Nichols, 8) Paul Johnson, 9) Tom Shiner, 10) Tyler Rypkema, 11) Mikayla Rypkema, 12) Jerry Dineen, 13) Todd Geist, 14) Ron Babula, 15) Glenn Lippolis, 16) Chris Clemens, 17) Dylan Terry, 18) Andy Jankowiak, 19) Dan Kurzejewski, 20) Dean Rypkema, 21) Matt Clemens, 22) Zack Curren
DNS: Pat Verwys
Heat Winners: Tony Hanbury, Jimmy Zacharias, John Wilber

Street Stock Finish (50 Laps):
1) Charlie Sharpsteen, 2) Chris Zacharias, 3) Howie Cook, Jr., 4) Jeff Goodwin, 5) Jason Duke, Sr., 6) Jake Snell, 7) Hank Buchanan, 8) Tom Markham, 9) Mike Ramos, 10) Dusty Snell, 11) Derrick Tarbox, 12) Dennis Beardsley, 13) Aaron Higgins, 14) Kyle Weaver, 15) Mike Nichols, 16) Brad Knapp, 17) Joe Lane, 18) Joe Snell, 19) Matt Larrivee, 20) R.J. Zacharias, 21) Bill Frisbee, Jr., 22) Jason Dinzler, 23) Bob Ripley, 24) Robert Fink, 25) John Lane, 26) Jim House
DNS: Lee Sharpsteen, Craig Harold
DQ: J.R. Swansborough, Gary Noe
Heat Winners: Chris Zacharias, Jake Snell, R.J. Zacharias, J.R. Swansborough

Street Stock Silver Dollar Race (15 Laps):
1) Glenn Lippolis, 2) Jason Duke, Sr., 3) Hank Buchanan, 4) Bob Ripley, 5) J.R. Swansborough, 6) Jake Snell, 7) Dusty Snell, 8) Brad Knapp

Legends Cars (20 Laps):
1) Mike Alcaro, 2) Jimmy Zacharias, 3) Brett Coon, 4) Lee Sharpsteen, 5) Gary Ham, 6) Nick Robinson, 7) Alexandria Smith
DNS: A.J. Griffin
Heat Winner: Mike Alcaro

Late Models (40 Laps):
1) Glenn Lippolis, 2) Jim Lamoreaux, 3) Scott Nurmi, 4) Mike Scorzelli, 5) Dan Bellinger, 6) Jerry Dineen, 7) Josh Lloyd, 8) Bill Matuszczak, 9) Brad Smales
Heat Winners: Scott Nurmi, Glenn Lippolis

Pudgies Goodtime Pizza, Pasta and Subs 4 Cylinders (20 Laps):
Front Wheel Drive: 1) Jason Brigham, 2) Andre Roggie, 3) Peter Verwys, 4) Al Brigham, 5) Clayton Weaver, 6) Steve Rogers
Rear Wheel Drive: 1) Scott Shafer, 2) Gene Purvis, 3) Dayton Cote, 4) Frank Morich, 5) Randy Mooney, 6) John Sullivan, 7) Trevor Halladay
DNS: Joe Lane
Heat Winners: Scott Shafer, Andre Roggie

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