1.0 Car Weights

  1. All Car weights and percentages listed are to be met when scaled with fully suited driver in normal seated position with helmet in lap and hands on the steering wheel.
    Head Type

    Minimum Weight
    Maximum Left Side Weight
    Steel Head
    Un-Ported2525 lbs.56%
    Steel Head
    2575 lbs.56%
    Aluminum Head 23 DegreePorted
    2575 lbs.55%
    Aluminum Head (other than 23 Degree)Ported
    Aluminum Head 23 Degree w/ 650 cfm
    2600 lbs.
  2. Left side weight percentage for ALL Cars must be maintained before, during and after event with NO ALLOWANCES of any form.
  3. Specific rules pertaining to steel head or aluminum head engines will supersede engine rules in either the NASCAR WHELEN MODIFIED or RACE OF CHAMPIONS MODIFIED Rulebooks.
  4. All weights will be taken using the Shangri-La II Speedway Scales. These scales will be the only Official method for determining weight.